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Join forces with us to empower and uplift lives for children, adults, and pets across Shelby County, TN, and the World. Your support makes a difference. We are continuing the legacy of giving, something we have always enjoyed doing as a family.

Supporting Positive Change

The Presley Foundation Inc. is a trusted foundation dedicated to making a difference in the community. With a focus on empowering individuals and creating growth opportunities, we strive to improve the lives of children, adults, and pets in need. Join us in our mission to build a brighter future for everyone.

We Support Children Adults and Pets.

Presley Place

Lisa’s dream of Presley Place was realized and the same dream as Elaine's, Elaine continues Presley’s Place in her sister's Highest Honor. 

Kids With Cancer

Kids with cancer have various charities, and we are not stopping.

The Teddy Bear Program

The Teddy Bear Program is just getting started, we have donated many teddy bears and other gifts to date, and many more to come.

The Presley Foundation on Alignable

Join us in making a difference in Children's adults, and Pets' lives.

HPGH Global Causes

Help us make a difference locally and Globally.

Making a positive impact in the community.

Over 1000 Families, Adults and Pets Supported.

The Presley Foundation Inc. has assisted over 1000 families, adults, and pets.

10+ Years of Impact

With over a decade of experience, The Presley Foundation Inc continues to make a positive impact.

Community Outreach Programs

Engaging in various community outreach programs, The Presley Foundation Inc is dedicated to giving back.

Award-Winning Foundation

Recognized for its outstanding work, The Presley Foundation Inc has received multiple awards.

About us

Welcome to The Presley Foundation Inc., a foundation based in Shelby County, TN. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community through our various initiatives and programs.

With a focus on children, adults, and pets.,  and community development, we strive to create lasting change and provide support to those in need. Through partnerships, fundraising, and advocacy, we work tirelessly to address the most pressing issues facing our community. Join us in our mission to make a difference and create a brighter future for all.

The Presley Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit philanthropic public benefit, grantmaking foundation created by Lisa Marie Presley as Presley Charitable Foundation 501(c)(3) in August 2007. Updated on May 6, 2013, September 9, 2018, and December 2020 by merging with Elaine Elizabeth Presley, reincorporated from 501(c)(3) Presley Charitable Foundation to 501(c)(3) The Presley Foundation Inc, on November 10, 2022, and registered with the Tennessee charity commission on 02/13/2023.

What We Do

The Presley Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization

The Presley Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization. The family of Elvis Presley created this Foundation originally in August 2007, Lisa Marie Presley. updated on May 6th, 2013, and then again in December 2020 by adding Elaine Elizabeth Presley, and continues to strive for excellence.

King Charles III nominated the Presley family Via the BITC Awards for their innovative work in Business in 2009. The Presley Foundation is also recognized as a premier leader in private foundations. We partner with Grammy-winning celebrities. We take pride in collaborating with top business executives for activities and causes. As a leading foundation, we are heavily involved in multiple charitable projects across the globe.

The Presley Foundation is gaining praise while winning awards for its life-saving work. We pride our foundation as a foundation with a heart. It doesn’t stop there. Our foundation is involved in many major projects providing the skills and talent to raise the needed funds. We create smooth bespoke solutions for the world and the causes we care to undertake.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s primary goal is to save and improve lives at multiple levels. Our areas of expertise involve children and pets. Our foundation cares for the homeless by helping shelters. Providing Presley Place housing, with ongoing support, and running marathons. We donate to cancer causes. The Foundation arranges personal appearances, meetings, music, events, and donations.

Our Executive Team

Sybil Presley

Sybil Presley - Secretary & Events Coordinator

Sybil has been serving people and Memphis for a long time as a local celebrity with a solid heart to help people live better, she is always on hand to help someone in need, while staying savvy

Elaine  Presley - President

Elaine Presley - President

Our president's whole life has been giving back to people in need and now she is the President, and co-founder along with the Late Lisa Marie Presley, and continues the dream of the foundation she and her sister started. Elvis Presley is the Vice President.

Cathy Carlson - Management

Cathy Carlson - Management

Multi-talented businesswoman with many years of qualified experience to take us to where we want to go. Highly skilled business management expert.

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